Daktronics Venus Control Suite

I've been the lead User Experience designer on the Venus Control Suite since its inception five years ago. The goal of Venus is to replace the hundreds of one-off data, scoring, timing, scheduling and reporting applications that have formed an unfriendly and unmaintainable environment for users of Daktronics displays. I've worked hard to ensure Venus is driven by web standards, is mobile friendly, and is built upon a flexible modular design system. Click on the images below for a larger view.

Daktronics Content Designer

Venus comes equipped with a browser-based design tool for laying out digital messages. Users can upload images and input text or pull images and text from RSS or XML data feeds. Below I've included both low-res and high-res mockups that were used to guide conversations throughout the development process. 


Daktronics highlights the ability of its digital billboard product to accomplish things not possible with traditional vinyl billboards. One of the more popular of these features is the ability to count down the time until a future event. It's also become more popular in recent years for this type of countdown to show up on the web. This project was an exploration in how it may look to develop an app aimed at producing countdowns for marketing sites or social media without the need for code.

Screen Printed Posters

I've been enamored with poster design since before my design education began and it's the reason I've pursued screen printing as a hobby. Poster design and screen printing allow me to pursue other creative interests such as illustration, generative graphics and typography.  

Layered Type System

As a lover of typography and systems, I decided to explore a layered type system. Multiple visual effects can be added to the base character to achieve a variety of looks. Each letter was screen printer to further exemplify the layering of the various effects.

Miscellaneous Screen Prints

The following is a collection of art prints I have produced over the last five years; either as self-initiated projects or as contributions to pop-culture art shows. You'll likely identify my interest in light, contrast, seclusion and simplicity. The posters and art prints presented on this site are renderings. If you are interested in seeing photos of the finished products I invite you to see more on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northmostoutpost/